Sunday, January 3, 2010


So Ottus, is my little owl incense burner. My best friend Jenna gave him to me for Christmas and she thought of the name and it just fit him perfectly! I just reminded myself I have to use him tonight.
I bought these earrings off of Market Publique. They are really Yves Saint Laurent zipper pulls but the seller Erica Weiner made them into earrings. Very creative! I applied for a seller at Market Publique and got accepted so now I just have to get my clothing on the roll.

This is my good friend emily! Oh and don't mind my slippers hah, my feet were freeeezing. This was taken yesterday, we went to go see Avatar and went back to her cute little cottage. I highly recommend Avatar, such a goooood movie, and i'm not even a sci-fi chick!

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