Wednesday, December 30, 2009


OHMAGAWD. I cannot believe I forgot to mention that I have been accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology. My mom was bringing in the mail on sunday, because we were all a little slow and forgot about it on saturday. I saw the letter and looked, it said Congratulations right on the cover. I have take 5 precollege courses and attend a technical school for fashion,I'm just so happy my dream has actually came true!

A New Year

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year! Right at this moment I am in Cunningham, Pennslyvania. My fathers home town. He was born here and I love coming here every year, its very different from Long Island. My aunt and uncle still live here, so we come here for christmas. Since this christmas I got a brand new camera and my own laptop, I'm sure more blogging is in the way. Here's my new camera!Here is a little outfit post of me in the woods in pennsylvania! My brother takes all these pictures he always complains and whines but I shut him up and make him take the picture, haha. Here is a photo of the photographer himself, my brother brandon!

Here is my fathers office when he was a child, I just love the pirate ships as wallpaper!

Here is my Abby, she looks sweet but trust me she is a devil!

By the way thanks Orchid Grey for answering my question about blogging, I greatly appreciate it!

Monday, December 21, 2009


So, last year maria went to coachella and had a greattt time. This year me jenna and maria want to go badly! I even have enough money saved up, shocking I know. First we wanted to camp out now not so sure because jenna, the little baby she is will only be 17. And you have to be 18. Anyways hopefully all will work out.

Monday, December 14, 2009

What are you doing, right at this moment?

Right at this moment, I am listening to music and knitting. while my brother is sitting as his computer listeing to the as told my ginger theme song..? anyway remember that song by macy gray well I guess he is having a fun time reminiscing.

Knitting really does relax me, I stopped doing it for a while but I think i should really get back into it.

Current Song- You Only Live Once- The Strokes


Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Dollah Boots

Wow. The blogworld moves by so fast I feel like its passing me by while im just standing here, watching. Anyways hmm wednesday I went thrifting, I found so many treasures.but I got 3 pairs of shoes and a dress, vest, bag and earrings. All for the cheap price of $9 bucks. You gotta love St. Anns Church thrift store. The vest is from Bergdorf Goodmans probably from the late 80s early 90s. But these shoes I got are a size 6, maria you better fit in them!

Also on saturday after my class we all went downtown to the marc jacobs store, I got a few little gifts. Also did the "one for you and oooh one for me" tactic haha but i got this coooool shirt from marc jacobs for 5 bucks welll maria spotted it first
What i'm wearing right at this moment:

forever 21 dress, marshalls cardigan

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nouvelle Musique!

Here are some of my favorite songs and artists. Some oldies and some i've just happened to find!

Maria has informed me about Rayn Goslings new band Dead Man's Bones, I gave the song Pa Pa Power my ear and I fell in love.

PA PA Power-Dead Man's Bones

Flowers Grow Out-Dead Man's Bones

Stay This Way-Peter Bjorn + John


Dramamine-Modest Mouse

Just A BoY-Angus and Julia Stone

Sunday, December 6, 2009

FallTime Is Coming To An End

Falltime Is Ending:
In just a couple of short weeks christmas will be here. That sounds crazy doesn't it. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas but Autumn is just so beautiful and I'm upset its over. Here are some photos me and my friends took in the falltime.