Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Beach Cruiser For A Birthday

So for my birthday my dream gift would be a car...but yeah right like im ever getting one... maybe eventually. So im asking for a beach cruiser, my birthday is exactly one week away and I will be 18! oh me oh my! Im also having a birthday party next friday and its 50s theme, im so excited! There will be greasers, The pink ladies and 50s little housewives. So i ordered my bike off of chubbys cruisers and this is what it looks like!

to top this girly bike off, all i need is a basket to put abby in and a I Love My Bike Bell. haha just kidding I dont think I want to be the annoying girl on the bike ringing the bell.

I just want spring/summer to come so I can ride to flos.


  1. aww so cute! i want to be the annoying girl with the bell, too!

  2. aww i cant wait to go to your birthday party!!
    and nice choice of a bike =]

  3. i say get the bell, it'd be cute!

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